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Round Dance Music

Bernadette has recorded a version of Redeemed, Restored Brand New. This is a phase II two step.  Below are two sixty second music clips.  One is cued and one is music only. You can get a copy of both cued and music only on a CD for $7.00 which does include a cue sheet.  the price includes any sales tax and shipping.  To get your own copy of Redeemed, Restored Brand New send $7.00 to Roger & Bernadette McNeil, 421 21st Ave North, Fargo, ND 58102.

To listen to the music clips just click on the links below.  When it asks you, chose "run" and it will load.  The music will play on most computers music players.  If you have any questions about the music clips, please contact

Clip One (Cued)

Clip Two (Music Only)

Listen to Roger sing his new release "Love Done Gone"

Love Done Gone (Called)